Xijinqianhua Fanpuguizhen PRO2000B – Product Review


The attractiveness of China made amplifiers has been gradually increased latterly, and it is the consequence of the hard work of our hi-fi business companies. In the stage of hi-fi world, China made amplifiers often show up in every exhibitions, hi-fi review and the introductory from the media. The statusof China made amplifiers has been recognized and established. Its popularity is for sure.

This is all because the the quality of China made amplifiers has been enhanced. The attractive outlook, and its competitive price can make most of the hi-fi enuthanisic fan tempting. Recently, I came across the other model of Yarland, Pro 200B. This Pro 200B can be called a compact size of integrated tube amplifiers. Its fabulous look attracts many hi-fi enuthsiastic fan. The art craft work is so sophisticated, the wooden front cover with black sprayed cover, and also a aet of attractive shining tube which lighten the darkness. IT just like stars shinning at the darkness. During the audition, I realized that it is not only its appearance that attract most of the hi-fi enuthsiastic fan, but also its sound. The sound character of Pro-200B and its setting price are also the reason of being so popular. During the one month audition, I can feel the strength of this amplifiers, and I decided to write it down on this product review

To succinctly manifests the individuality

The design concept of this Pro – 2000B is simplicity. From its appearance to the tube used in this amplifier, we emphasis the goal that “Simple is Best”. This amplifier uses 3 tubes. 3 for each channel, including 6F2 and EL34EH, the 6F2 is for preamplifier stage. Half of the tubes are used for five electrode tube pre-amplifier stage amplify, while the other half is used for triode amplify. The output amplify is using the a pair of EL34. The overall electrical circuit is simple, and superior. The design of the electrical circuit is according to classic design electrical circuits and layout The quality is guaranteed.

At the same time, the internal layout of Pro – 2000B is very neat. The design structure is well utilized The material used are also very superior. It uses the 3.3mm thick silver-plating electric circuit version, the soldering skill of parts is extremely skillful. At the same time, the use WIMA, and SOLEN electric capacity play an important role of its sonice performance. In order to maintenance the standard of the sound, the internal wiring is using the silver wire. Also, we use the HITACHI brand of copper wiring for transformer manufacture, Also it also has ALPS potentiometer, golden membrane resistance and so on. But the thing that made the author to be excited is the cost of this amplifier which 2,860 Yuan, Among all other lower price range amplifiers, apart from its attractive appearance, the use of superior material components is also important. This amplifier uses Russian EL34EH tube, which costs 600 yuan alone. All the tubes have to passed throught a stringent screening test to find a match pair. After plunge the matched pair EL34H, the sounds of this compact amplifiers start to sing.
To the acoustic fidelity manifests the strength
I remembered I had an audition with other model of Yarland 2A3 integrated tube amplifier named FV-35AII. The smoothness, detail sounds and scense of contrast, impressed me a lot, that also make me notice about the name of Yarland. At the same time, I do feel regret of its low power output (11w) which can only drive high sensitive speakers well, but not low sensitive speakers. For those using low sensitive speakers (below 86db) can only enjoy the sound but not the dynamic it gemerates with high sensitive speakers. However, the introduction of this new amplifier Pro-200B is using EL34HE tube, and it can generate 35W per channel. It doesn’t seem have any problem in driving low sensitive speakers. So long it is not driving an extremely low sensitive speakers like ATC, the power of this amplifier should be more than enough to drive most of the speakers..

So how does it sound? Can it retain the smoothness, sound of FV-35AII? After a period of 2 weeks burn-in stage, the Pro-200B is also fully broke in, and the auditions was about to start. The combinations of speakers are ProAc Response 1′sc, ATC SCM7, JBL 4412A, and LS3/5a.One thing I have to remind our readers. The burn in process is necessary. During the per-burn in stage, the sound of Pro 200B was below average.. When the time goes by, the amplifier start to sing. No more confusion, no more rush in high frequency, it is more detail and dynamic

I remembered that the change of sound during the burn in stage is marvelous. From the rushness to smoothness, the blurring to clarity, the sound covered by curtain to open sound, I withness the reborn of this amplifier

The performance ability of Pro-200B is drawn from using different type of speakers. Remember I used JBL 4412A, and the sound was wrm, balance, and even warmer in the mid range, after the burnt in stage the sound became more open up , and more clarify, and the low freqencyis more dynamic. Its show the superior performance on music presentation. Thereafter, by changing the speakers to LS3/5A or Proac 1sc, the sound was still very attractive. Its superior performance is confirmed

This Pro-200B amplifier costs around 2000Yuen cannot say it is the best amplifier. However, it does has its uniqueness of being the capability of presenting music in balance in high, mid and low range. Although it is compact in size, and at lower price range, it is still being so popular among other rivalary.
Yes, confident and simple is the Pro – 2000B one of a kind valuable characteristic without doubt. The way it presents music is different with other brand. It wont exaggerate the high or mid range to make it sound attractive, and it also wont manupilate the lower range to make it more dynamic. Pro-200B integrated tube amplifier would only present the sound as the original music. No more or No less
Certainly, the Pro – 2000B timbre is not certainly gorgeous, certainly cannot sweet and pretty enchanting, but low frequency cannot turbulently rush, flowing, although because uses the EL34 push-pull type design, the tendency, dynamics all have the good performance, the sound box adaption surface is quite strong, but it actually does not make widely known, does not flatter not not inferior, thereupon also had some styles, lets the person take.
Being comfortable listening to this amplifier is also another characteror of this amplifier. Most of the amplifier that you think sounds sound might give you a very fragile feeling after a long listening. However, you wont encounter such a problem when listening to this Pro 200B integrated tube amplifier. Actually, you wont encounter such feeling when you listen to any models of Yarland products. Perhaps, it is its own style of music..
A feeling and ponder
After a period of auditions, my feeling towards the Pro-200B is a lot. Perhaps, to others a good amplifiers might mean an amplifier heavy in weight, high in price and superior components to be used. However, after listening to this Pro-200B, I realized that the most important thing is the sonic performance of the amplifier. The price, the material used are inreveleant in judging the good or bad of an amplifier. Most of the expensive amplifiers exaggerated the high and mid to make it more attractive, but it just lost its reality of music, and become distortion. This Pro-200B never try to pride you by exaggerating the high or mid, and it just presentating what music is like
If you also agree with my e viewpoint, you might like to try to listen to Pro-200B driving JBL 4412, KEFQ1, ProacT50or even spendor s3/5. You will discover what the real music is like. Actually, the real music is nice, but it is too many hi-fi gear in this market that produce so-called music to pleasure some particular people, and lost the reality of music. But for Yarland, Pro-200B, it only cost around 2000Yuen , and you can enjoy what the real music is like.