Yarland was established in the Zhejiang province, WenChau in 1996. Yarland is a leading manufacturer of high end products in China. The company product trademark is “YARLAND”,”ARIAND”.Yarland means “elegant” and “burning determination” in Chinese. That means we will continue to improve and develop better products for our customers. We specialize in the research,

development and production of High-end tube amplifiers. Culminating many years of research and development, we have developed a full range of high-end tube amplifiers.
We continually strive to further improve the quality and performance of our products, and we believe our products represent excellent value. We have a wide distribution network across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United States and several European countries.
We Yarland, believe in the fundamentals that there exists a fundamental correlation between technical specifications and sonic performance. Music should sound real and acoustic products should fully encompass and awaken a person’s senses, without sacrificing aesthetics.
Through continual innovations, research and development, and re-design of the electronic circuits, our goal to strive for perfection remains clear. Every single component used in our designs has been carefully selected to ensure that there will be no compromise of performance. Using advanced designs, meticulous crafting and through strict quality control measures, we strive to make ensure our products perform reliably and delivers outstanding sonic performance.
From our passion for music, Yarland continually strives to develop high quality tube amplifiers designs and circuitry that not only perform well, but also represent extremely good value for our customers. There are 2 main products lines, namely, the FV series and Pro series. FV series are relatively less expensive than the Pro series, however, they also offer very good value without compromising sound quality. The Pro series offers superior sonic performance in comparison with the FV series. Its elegance and sound quality has made it extremely well recieved from both our clients and the media.